Tycoon Spends Only 2 Hours In Jail For Organ Trading

going-to-jail-for-paying-organ-donorTang Wee Sung, a wealthy business man in Singapore, was jailed for two hours and fined $11,850 for lying to get approval for a kidney transplant and for organ trading, according to the Straits Times newspaper. He had been sentenced to one day in jail, but was released by the end of the business day.

Tang, who stepped down as executive chairman of retail chain C.K. Tang after his conviction last week, was given a short sentence due to his “extreme ill health” the judge said. Tang’s lawyer had argued that he suffers from a variety of several medical conditions including kidney failure, heart disease, and sleep apnea, and might not survive a night in prison.

Tang, 56, had earlier pleaded guilty to organ trading and lying that Indonesian Sulaiman Damanik was a relative, and was donating a kidney to Tang for free. The transaction was never completed. Sulaiman was fined $1,000 for organ trading and jailed for two weeks in June.

The case caused heated public debates about the ethics and legality of organ-trading in Singapore, and prompted the government of the wealthy city-state to begin a study into the possibility of legalizing monetary compensation for organ donors.