A German writer's urgent warning to America

Why Trump's base turned into a religious cult that will blindly follow him off a cliff, and how to break the spell.

Bill Maher has been asking the guests on his show, Real Time, why the D for Democrat is so toxic in red states.

German author and political comedy writer Oliver Markus Malloy answers Maher's question in his book, American Fascism.

"History is repeating itself," Malloy says. "Hitler was a notorious liar. He lied every time he opened his mouth. In his book, Hitler explained how to use lies as a weapon.

Hitler brainwashed regular Germans with propaganda lies, to make them hate their Jewish neighbors. We all know how that turned out.

Trump uses the very same kind of lies to make his MAGA cult hate their liberal neighbors. Today's Republicans hate liberals with the same burning intensity, and for the same absurd reasons, as Nazis hated Jews."

Malloy is convinced that Trump knows that he will lose the election, and has already made up his mind that he will not leave the White House, come what may.

"I think Trump is not preparing for an election. Trump is preparing to ignore the election. Everything that's happening right now, from the stormtroopers in Portland to the right-wing propaganda that demonizes Black Lives Matter and Antifa as terrorists, is all just a dry run.

It's a glimpse of things to come in November. First he'll suppress the vote, and then he'll suppress the protests. With more police violence, if necessary.

And remember when Trump said he'd unleash the National Guard to shut down the protests? He wasn't lying. He was telling us what he's gonna do in November.

Trump's propaganda is designed to demonize liberals with lies. Recently Trump accused Biden of being against God. And Trump's followers frequently refer to Democrats like Obama as actual demons from hell, who smell like sulfur.

That's classic Nazi propaganda,"
Malloy points out. "Sooner or later Trump's followers will scream for liberal blood. In fact, it's already starting to happen.

Like all fanatics, Trump's MAGA cult members think violence against liberals is perfectly reasonable and acceptable, because they think of themselves as good Christians. And good Christians don't co-exist with evil. They destroy evil. And to them, liberals are pure demonic evil. They tell us that every single day.

Destroying evil is exactly what the Nazis thought they were doing as well, thanks to Hitler's lies."

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